"UzGasTrade" JSC - performs the function of centralized purchase and sale of natural gas

About the Company


based on the Decree

№ PP-280 dated June 15, 2022

UzGasTrade Joint Stock Company was established on the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 280 dated July 15, 2022 on Additional Measures to Reform the Natural Gas Market.

The strategic goal of UzGasTrade JSC is:


Continuous supply of natural gas to the growing domestic market


Increasing the export and transit potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Stabilisation of the natural gas market, transition to market-based mechanisms in the gas sector of the republic

According to applicable legislation and regulations, UzGasTrade JSC is entrusted with the following functions:

Import and export

Export and import of natural gas as a single operator


Purchase of natural gas from gas producers and processing entities, including joint ventures and foreign companies, operating on the basis of commodity distribution agreements

Sale to Hududgaztaminot JSC

Sale of natural gas to "Hududgaztaminot" JSC and household consumers connected to the gas distribution network, including to the population, with purpose of resale

Sale of natural gas to wholesale consumers

Direct sales to consumers connected to main gas pipelines under contracts

Legal Capacity

About the Company

UzGasTrade id a single operator engaged in the purchase and sale of gas in the Republic of Uzbekistan

In accordance with a presidential decree, UzGasTrade JSC has been assigned the function of purchasing and selling natural gas centrally (trading company). The company is the only operator in this field.


UzGasTrade JSC is a legal entity based on the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Property Rights

Purchases separate property, which is recorded on its independent balance sheet, including property transferred to its own share fund (capital)

Legal Rights

Can independently obtain and exercise property and personal non-property rights, incur obligations and be a plaintiff and defendant in the court.

Official Name

In Uzbek (Latin)

"UzGasTrade" AJ


"UzGasTrade" AJ

In Uzbek (Cyrillic)

"UzGasTrade" Акциядорлик жамияти


"UzGasTrade" АЖ

In Russian

Акционерное общество "UzGasTrade"


АО "UzGasTrade"

In English

"UzGasTrade" Join Stock Company


"UzGasTrade" JSC

Company Passport

  • Organizational and Legal Form

    Organizational and Legal Form

  • Business Activity

    Sales of gas

  • Legal address

    45A, Islam Karimov str., Tashkent, 100147

  • Tax ID


Financial Details

Financial Details

  • Bank location

    18-A, A. Navoi str., Tashkent, 100011

  • Account


  • Bank Code




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